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To: Oireachtas and Irish government officials

Basic allowance for student healthcare workers during corona virus!

The Irish government has added 4 billion euro to the national healthcare budget bringing the total budget to 22 billion for the year 2021, in order to pay every student healthcare worker a basic allowance of 203 per week of placement it would cost under 15 million which is microscopic, lying far under o.5% of the total healthcare budget budget.

Its humane, its reasonable and its the right thing to do. Support our healthcare workers during corona virus and sign this petition.

Why is this important?

This is important to eradicate the exploitation of student healthcare workers working 39 hour weeks and paying tuition, travel costs and more. These students sacrifice their personal safety and finances to take care of sick and injured people in our hospitals on the daily which is of major public benefit at their expense.

Implementing an allowance will also reduce the need for students to work a part time job on top of college and placement hours which will majorly reduce the risk of cross contamination in hospital wards.

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