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To: Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue

Stop Live Export!

Stop the cruel and unnecessary export of live farm animals to countries with appalling animal welfare standards!
Long distance transport has a detrimental impact on the health and welfare of animals. As a first step the Minister needs to end live exports outside the EU, excluding Northern Ireland and Britain.

Why is this important?

Long-distance journeys cause unnecessary suffering to animals. They can become exhausted, sick and injured, hungry, dehydrated and stressed, having to cope with high temperatures and humidity and extensive periods in cramped, filthy conditions, sometimes with little or no food and water. 
Every year thousands of young bulls are exported to countries outside the EU including Turkey, Libya, Lebanon and Morocco. As if that wasn’t bad enough this year new markets have been sought and shipments have gone to Jordan and Egypt. A trade deal with Israel has also been ageed for cattle and sheep. 
These are all countries with no or minimal animal welfare regulations in place and appalling standards, particularly at slaughter. These bulls are subjected to unimaginable suffering, crammed into hot, filthy vessels for up to two weeks, usually just to be slaughtered in a brutal manner shortly after arrival at their destination. 
Slaughter methods in these destination countries include slashing tendons, stabbing in the eyes, being strung up by a rear leg, multiple slashes at the throat, being hit over the head with poles, all whilst fulling conscious and in front of other animals. The slaughterhouse workers have a lack of education, and training, lack of facilities, there is no vet present and there is little in the way of legislation. Street slaughter is common. 
We are calling for the Minister to ban export to all countries outside the EU that do not share our welfare standards, both in documented legislation and in practice. 

You can find out more about the industry here:

How it will be delivered

We would like to deliver the petition in person to Minister McConalogue.



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