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To: Minister of Justice

Apologise for the Mistreatment of Au Pair Paloma Aparecida Silva Carvalho.

The Minister of Justice should apologise to Paloma for the mistreatment she suffered following her arrival in Ireland.
Paloma is a former Au Pair who came over to Ireland to visit the family she used to work for while she was an Au Pair in Ireland.
Paloma had her return ticket, accommodation, money and the right to obtain a permission to remain in the country for up to 90 days. Not only was Paloma sent to the Dochas prison while waiting to be deported from the county, but she was also treated like a criminal; She was strip searched, had her belongings taken away and had to spend a night in a cell while being quizzed by other inmates about her “crimes” and if she had smuggled drugs.

Why is this important?

Although many Au Pairs have been questioned, have had their mobiles confiscated, and some of them have been deported over the years, Paloma's case was particularly appalling. She was coming to Ireland as a tourist. Ireland has become a multicultural society which must be prepared to treat people fairly.
It's important to review immigration practices in order to ensure reasonable use of legal powers over those arriving in Ireland, especially those from marginalised groups.
An apology from the Minister of Justice will not change what Paloma has been through but it would demonstrate an attempt to recognise unfair practices and the commitment to tackle the issue.


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