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To: Minister Shane Ross

access for all - get the lifts working

access for all - get the lifts working

Lobby to get the lifts along the DART and commuter line working

Why is this important?

Each day there are lifts out of order along the DART and commuter line. This affects wheelchair users, parents with buggies and elderly people.

In 2016, disability activist Sean O'Kelly was going for driving lessons in Clontarf, he got the DART there weekly. Back then, according Irish Rail, the notice period to give them was 24 hours. This is to allow for Irish Rail personnel to be there to bridge the gap between the train and the platform. The notice period now is 4 hours.

On one particular occasion he arrived in Clontarf DART station and there was nobody there to meet him - the driver of the train got him off. The DART had gone off and he approached the lift to discover that it was out of order and was not given prior notice of this.

He rang Pearse DART station who then let Killester know that he needed to get on the DART. He was stranded on the platform for half an hour.

Access for all was set up to highlight the fact that lifts are out daily and to appeal to Minister Ross to put in some intervention to prevent this from happening. To date, there is no willingness to put serious action in place and he is passing the 'book' onto Irish Rail.

We need as much public support as possible. Please sign this if you believe this situation is wrong. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much


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