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To: Simon Harris

Give Access To All Cancer Treatments For Patients Without Private Insurance

Give Access To All Cancer Treatments For Patients Without Private Insurance

I want all cancer patients to have access to all treatments for free under the HSE. I want to end the two tier system that exists for public cancer patients. At the moment those on private health insurance with VHI have access to immune therapy and other expensive treatments. They don't suit every one but everyone's live is equally as important and the treatment is not determined by the size of your wallet but by your own immune system and genes to determine suitability. We need to demand that a
Each patient is given access to all treatment if suitable for them regardless of cost regardless of weather they are puic or private patients. We need everyone treated equally not because of the size of their wallet

Why is this important?

All patients should have the right to use all treatment suitable for them to have an opertunity to fight for a better quality of life and possible cure. Your chance of survival or quality of life should never be determined by the size of your wallet.

Reasons for signing

  • I am very lucky to have Health insurance but am very angry to think any person who needs treatment will not get it because they don't have health ins., after all we are all human and deserve to be treated as equals.
  • As a recovered cancer patient I can not sit by and allow people to be treated due to their wallet size. We all have to be given the with to fight cancer and have equal access to health care


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