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To: Irish Government

30% Recall Pledge

The voting citizens of Ireland are disillusioned and lied to constantly by underperforming and corrupt governments. 

We need a 30% recall mechanism.

UK has it at 10% 

Switzerland has it at 3%

Make your candidate in 2020 sign the petition.

If they don't they are not worth voting for.

This petition will also double as their contract.

If they lie or make their constituents unhappy for whatever reason a recall vote may be held if agreed to by the candidate signed on 30% petition of electoral register.

This petition doubles as a contract of employment for signing candidates. We should have a government that works for us and is answerable to their employer, the Irish voter.

It is important you vote also so your name will count in future petitions for recall votes, as only those on electoral register may deploy the right to recall.

The petition may be referred to if the candidate denies agreeing to 30% recall pledge, it will be their signed contract.

Let them know we #DemandRecall

If the candidate won't sign they're lying and not worth voting for. #NoMoreLies

Alistair Smith

Why is this important?

Time to end the wholesale lying to get elected and the voracious corruption once elected. We should be able to sack underperforming or misbehaving TDs.


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