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To: Louth, Meath & Kildare county councils, Ireland's Ancient East & the Dept of Rural & Community Development’s national walk scheme

We Have Brigid's Day, let's Sign Brigid's Way

We are compiling numbers of those worldwide who wish to have this iconic route, the only Pilgrimage to an Irish female saint and goddess, waymarked with signage. We want to help those who are currently considering the National Walks and Trails clearly see the huge amount of interest this Brigid 'camino' has at home and abroad. We want to make Brigid's Way Celtic Pilgrimage accessible for everyone.

Why is this important?

Brigid as the Celtic Goddess of Spring and the Matron Saint of Ireland has been revered for generations yet her 9 day Pilgrimage route from her birthplace in Faughart, Co. Louth through Co. Meath and the Hill of Tara to her monastic community in Kildare is not waymarked. We wish to help encourage the County Councils, Ireland's Ancient East, Fáilte Ireland Tourism Agency, Tourism Ireland and the Dept of Rural & Community Development to provide funding and commission a feasibility study to create signage along the route with an App and a Map. Then Brigid's Way may join her 12 brother Pilgrimages who have been signed for many years (St Kevin's Way, St Declan's Way, Croagh Patrick etc) 

Please sign your name and write your location. Spread the word - the more people who sign the quicker anyone can walk this 9 day Pilgrimage themselves similar to the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Currently a group of volunteers lead groups once a year and 1 day walks twice a year. We want to make this accessible for everyone. 

Dr Karen Ward, on behalf of the Brigid's Way volunteers

Kildare, Ireland

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