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To: Cork County Council

Traffic Calming measures for Macroom

Traffic Calming measures for Macroom

We formally request that Cork County Council introduce traffic calming measures on all routes entering Macroom town. With a focus on reducing speed of traffic, increasing pedestrian safety and ensuring a safer transit of all who travel through our lovely town. We would like Vehicle activated signs, signs which react with a message if they detect a vehicle exceeding a pre-determined speed on both the Cork and Killarney entry points to Macroom. We would like the Cork County Council to consider raised pedestrian crossings such as speed humps for all crossings in Macroom. We would like such speed humps to be considered for Sleaveen Rd and Coolyhane. Sleaveen Rd is a main access point to two schools and the playground. Coolyhane has seen people use excessive speeds which make the road unsafe. We would like the council to remove the parking spaces which are currently opposite the entry way to Bus Eireann Bus Stop.

Why is this important?

There has been a number of serious and fatal accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians in Macroom town.

Acting as a speed table, raised pedestrian crossings, has the added benefit of not only slowing traffic but making it easier to see pedestrians crossing the road.

Speed zones where speeds are set at 30 km/h (or 20 mph) as they are found to be effective at reducing crashes increasing pedestrian safety and increasing community cohesion.

How it will be delivered

Directly to our local TD

Macroom, County Cork, Ireland

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