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To: Fingal County Council

To build a Swimming Pool in Lusk, Co Dublin.

We the people of Lusk and it's immediate surrounding areas, Rush, Loughshinny, Skerries, Donabate, Portrane, Ballyboughal, Balrothery & Balbriggan (according to census completed in 2016 a population of approx 76,532) petition for a Swimming Pool including facilities to be built in Lusk in conjunction or apart from the Lusk Community Sports Hub 2020.

Why is this important?

The population of Lusk and also it's surrounding area's is growing at a rapid pace and therefore it is imperative to facilitate this growth. A swimming pool would not only bring some much needed investment and also ease the pressure of unemployment but also facilitate the area for our children to enjoy.

The Lusk Sports Hub 2020 is a fantastic new project that will bring a multiple of new sporting facilities to the area with the exception of a hugely required swimming pool.

In addition, the erection of the Lusk Sports Hub, Lusk will become the epicentre of sporting facilities for the surrounding areas and therefore a swimming pool is a necessity and not just a requirement.

Swimming is not only a life saving technique that everyone should be taught from a young age, but it is also an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience for the old and young, whether it’s for ones mental health, fitness, leisure or play everyone can enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool.

Kind regards,
Lusk, County Dublin, Ireland

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