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To: Teachers/Educators

Teacher Wellbeing and the new Junior Cert Reform

Stand together and request that our wellbeing and professional judgements regarding the new JC Reform and Roll-Out be considered and listened to. We as classroom teachers need a lot more support and guidance than has been given thus far.

Why is this important?

Our students and their wellbeing will always be the central focus of any new educational change or reform. And rightly so. But does that mean that our wellbeing as teachers needs to be compromised? Taken advantage of? Or worse, not even considered with regard to the monumental task of creating your own curriculum/schemes/units of learning etc.

The extra workload demand put on teachers over the past number of years has been catastrophic and unfortunately there is no end in sight.

Once very dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic teachers are now becoming overworked, stressed, burn out and in some cases looking for an alternative career path because the current one in unsustainable and hindering every aspect of our lives. No job or vocation should impact every single aspect of your life to the extent teaching is currently.

What we are paid to do is quickly becoming the last thing we actually get to do due to the extra administrative tasks/planning etc. we have to create.

Our voices, our professional opinions/comments/suggestions need to be heard. We are the front line of this new educational reform. Yet we have not been sufficiently prepared for this monumental change. Whilst trying to get to grips with the new system, create new plans/schemes/Units of Learning/top notch active learning resources and practice and continue all the other roles and responsibilities we have as teachers. We also need to actively teach this brand new plan that we are desperately still trying to figure out ourselves? Surely this is madness.

I matter. You matter. We matter.

Please sign so that our voice is heard.


2018-12-16 22:06:15 +0000

Thank you all so much for getting behind this campaign. I sincerely appreciate you signing the petition and hopefully our voice can kickstart positive change!

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