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To: Minister for Justice.

Taxpayers should NOT be funding the Popes security costs

Reinstate overtime for Gardai fighting serious crime in Dublin, and country wide. DON'T allow our crime rates to rise, and undo good work and progress achieved to date.

Why is this important?

We have suffered untold trauma at the behest of the church and convents, mother and baby homes, illegal adoption, clerical abuse, etc., etc. The Roman Catholic church are the Richest bank in the world and can pay for whatever costs this trip will incur. Enough is enough!


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Reasons for signing

  • Surely the church can pay its own way.
  • I have been feeling speechless about the injustice of this. It just does not compute for me that we pay for a visit from someone who owes so much redress money which shows no sign of being paid. I am glad that someone started this petition.
  • Time to lead by example...set know truly the people of Ireland are enough, and have enough of the continuous hurt and disrespect! This way of standing up and to refuse the Pop's payment for his visit sets an example of How humanity wants, and especially deserves...needs to be treated...with Respect and Dignity! Time the the people that support this institution learn when enough is enough! And that is Now!


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