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To: Arlene Foster, MLA, DUP Leader

Support the Motion to Ban Drilling

On Tuesday 13th October a motion will come before the NI Assembly calling for an urgent and immediate moratorium on giving licences for exploration, drilling and extraction of petroleum to dirty polluters who want to destroy our beautiful countryside, pollute our water and put our health at risk. The DUP must support this motion.

Why is this important?

Dervilla, environmental campaigner says:

"In the midst of a climate emergency there is evidence that the oil and gas industry is attempting once more to come in and put at risk the health and future of the public and the border regions. In 2014, then Energy Minister Arlene Foster issued an order which meant the licence to explore for shale gas in Fermanagh was terminated. We need her and her party to show that she will stand with us."

Support the motion

Northern Ireland, UK

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