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To: Public Representatives

Support the Dying with Dignity Bill.

To all TDs in Dáil Eireann;

Please support the passage of the Dying with Dignity Bill next week. We need to give terminally ill people facing the end of their lives the right to control over the timing and manner of their passing.

Why is this important?

Next week TD’s will vote on whether to support a new law that would give terminally ill people the right to control their own death when they decide their sufferable is no longer bearable. The government have stated that they intend to defer the bill for one year. This will only unduly delay the progress of the billl and the issue.

The Dying with Dignity Bill 2020 would change the law in Ireland. At present it is illegal for doctors and medical professionals to help terminally ill people in unbearable pain to end their own life; this Bill would change that.



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