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To: TDs & Senators from the People of Ireland

It's Time to Legislate for Assisted Dying

Make it legal for a medical practitioner to assist a person with a terminal or incurable and progressive illness which cannot be reversed by treatment. People should have the Right to choose the manner in which they die and to do so in a peaceful and dignified manner. Leo Varadkar gave Vicky Phelan his word change would happen. FINALLY, the Special Committee (SC) has been set up!
This SC runs from 13 June 2023 to March 2024, by which time the SC prepare their report and recommendations. With a general election scheduled to be held in March 2025, it is vital legislation be drafted within the term of this government, or it's back to square one.

Why is this important?

Too many people who are dying endure an unnecessarily, prolonged death, which is inhumane and cruel. International evidence, expertise and experience is available for our legislators to draw on which shows an assisted death is a kinder death for those who want this valid end of life option. Government must hear the lived experiences whilst people are still alive to give their personal testimonies. Assisted dying legislation should:
* Have robust safeguards which provides choice and protect everyone
* Remove the crime of 'assisting' someone
* Eliminate the need to travel for an assisted death or to consider suicide
* Allow those eligible to choose when, where and how they wish to safely die
Any change in legislation in other countries has been as a result of research and judicial appeals by individuals and groups who were excluded and demanded equal access.

We support the right to palliative care across the country but know it does not alleviate all pain, despite what those who oppose assisted dying may claim. More funding for palliative care is a related but a separate issue as is the need for services to support those living with serious and terminal illness.

It is currently a crime to 'assist' someone to die. Legislation will remove the need to illegally 'assist' when a medically assisted death can be provided.

The lasting impact of seeing a loved one suffer intolerable pain and die 'badly' cannot be underestimated.

To know that a loved one died the way they wanted to helps the healing process too. We know that "To live in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die", but the memories of seeing those we love suffering and die badly are those which can haunt us.

Legislation for Assisted Dying with a robust framework of safeguards will give immeasurable peace of mind to a person facing their mortality and there's research to show the quality of life remaining to a dying person improves regardless of whether they go on to exercise that choice. Many do not, just knowing it is there is often enough.

Maybe one day you will want this option.Perhaps you've already seen how an assisted death would have been a kinder way to go for someone you've loved.

Despite or perhaps in spite of a devastating prognosis, this legislation will allow a person greater dignity, to choose how and when they want to die, to decide for themselves when they have suffered enough.

Even if an assisted death would not be someone's personal choice, or in accordance with their beliefs, why would any human being deny another the right to choose.

End of Life Ireland is a volunteer led advocacy group. John Wall & Vicky Phelan pictured here gave full permission to use their images and quotes to support this campaign. To learn more about this campaign and Assisted Dying, please visit our website and see our social media posts.

How it will be delivered

We will mark 'World Right to Die Day' outside the Dail on 1st November 2023 and an updated petition will be delivered.
Keep an eye out online for our Public Meetings- the next at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin on the 31st August at 7.30pm.


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