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To: Elected representatives

Support The Debenhams Workers pledge

Support The Debenhams Workers pledge

Support the following pledge.
“I pledge to support legislation that will 

reflect the recommendations of the Duffy/Cahill report, which calls for the introduction of a Statutory Scheme by which, in cases of insolvency, enhanced redundancy payments provided for by way of collective agreement could be recoverable as a preferential debt.
ensure workers have a right to access the terms of a collectively agreed redundancy deal between their company and representative trade union.
establish a Levy Fund with financial contribution from employers similar to other European countries such as Germany, France and Austria.

permit Government to make advance payment from the levy fund to Debenhams workers reflecting their collective redundancy agreement negotiated in 2016 of four weeks per year of service inclusive of statutory entitlement.”

Why is this important?

Workers need protection


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