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To: Bord Bia and the Department of Agriculture and the Marine

Stop using Plastic Packaging in the Food Dudes Programme for Primary Schools

Stop the non recyclable plastic packaging of fruit and vegetable portions supplied to Primary Schools as part of the Food Dudes programme. To switch to more eco friendly packaging for next year's programme.

Why is this important?

The Food Dudes healthy eating programme sent 450,000 plastic wrapped portions of fruits and vegetables to over 800 primary schools in one year. This volume of plastic packaging is set to increase with 2,100 schools estimated to participate over the next three years.
Single use non recyclable plastic packaging is of a huge environmental concern. Our seas are being choked by plastic waste and it's estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. We urge Bord Bia who manage the scheme, financed by the Department of Agriculture and the Marine, to source sustainable eco friendly packaging for 2019-2020 Food Dudes programme.


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