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To: Dublin City Engineer John Flanagan

Stop traffic danger for Kids walking & cycling on SCR

Stop the daily dangerous traffic on South Circular Road - at Donore Avenue Junction!

Every day kids walk & cycle to school around cars jumping red lights, and speeding across Donore Avenue junction with South Circular Road.

Cyclists have been hit at this junction - but there are still no cycle paths for commuters or school children.

We the undersigned demand that this junction is redesigned for safe walking and cycling to work & school. At the moment there are only 2 pedestrian crossings at the junction - we want 4 pedestrian crossings on every road at the junction and safe cycle lanes.

Why is this important?

Cyclists are being hit by cars at this junction. Cars are jumping the red light. Hundreds of children and cyclists walk and cycle to work & school every day here. They are not safe. Dublin City Council traffic engineers must urgently review this junction and upgrade pedestrian & cyclist safety with 2 new pedestrian crossings & cycle lanes.

How it will be delivered

In person to City Engineer Mr John Flanagan

Dublin 8, Ireland

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