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To: The Government

Stop the abuses of Meat Plant workers

More than 10% of meat plant workers have now tested positive for Covid-19, endangering their own health and the health of the wider community.
Despite this, the bosses in meat factories continue to put private profits over public health. We demand;
1. The government bring in a German-style law to ban subcontracting in the meat industry
2. The government introduce a mandatory sick pay scheme for workers
3. That migrant workers' rights to live and work here are not tied to working with one particlar employer or sector
4. That proper accommodation be made available to all workers.
5. That the government implements regular unannounced visits to meatplants by the Health and Safety Authority.
6. That any plant not adhering to proper social distancing and public health is closed for 1 month with staff on full pay

Why is this important?

The Covid crisis has shown how weak protections are for all workers in this country. The scandal in the meat plants is just one blatant example. Failure to act now and give these workers greater protections and workplace rights will mean huge health risks for all workers and communities affected in the future



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