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To: Micheál Martin, Roderic o Gorman

Stop the 30 year seal on the mother and baby home records

The Irish government is again breaching the humans rights of survivors of state and catholic run institutions by trying to fast track a bill in which will see the mother and baby home commission records sealed for 30 year and then personal information of survivors handed to Tusla.

No consultation talks was held with survivors who partook within the commission.

Today we saw a motion which asked for more time to consult be defeated.

On Wednesday 21 October the debate will continue you within the Dáil, so I please ask for everyone’s support to demonstrate to those who are forcing this that this is not what is wanted nor what is right!

These crimes which will never see individuals held to account should have never been covered under a commission. Such cases always required legal Investigations.

The proposed legislation in which we need to see urgently scrapped, will block access to information about disappeared relatives or babies who are buried in unmarked graves.

Why is this important?

It’s important as it stops people from being able to access information to investigated crimes that took place.

We have seen the government make a attempt at sealing the child abuse Inquiry and redress process away for 75 years In which we obtain nearly 8 thousand signatures for as survivors and the Irish public have already demonstrated transparency is the only way they want to go forward.

Now we are seeing the same government who gagged and gave protection to those orders during the child abuse inquiry try to do this to survivors with the mother and baby home commission. Together we all need to stand up come together and make our feelings known that we cannot accept this continuous abuse against survivors human rights.

From survivors & their families.

Dublin, Ireland

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