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To: Department of Justice and Equality

Stop modern slavery and human trafficking in Ireland

Stop Ireland being used as a hub for human trafficking and modern slavery

Why is this important?

Ireland is a destination and source country for women, men and children subjugated to sex trafficking and forced labour. In the past week, the US State Department has downgraded Ireland from Tier 1 to Tier 2 ranking in its latest Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report, putting Ireland on par with India and Indonesia. This shouldn't be happening in a country with the resources that Ireland has.

We can't accept this.

We can't allow people from poorer countries to be lured to Ireland with false promises of legal visas and good wages, only to be forced into labour in the fisheries industry or producing illegal drugs.

We can't allow vulnerable women and children from Ireland and abroad to be sexually exploited on our soil.

We can't allow Ireland be used as an international hub for these activities!

Terrible international criminal gangs have identified Ireland as a weak point and are using it as a sick trade port, where women, men and children from all over Europe and beyond are shipped into and out of, destined for terrible fates.

We need to rescue these people and put a stop to it!


2021-12-24 10:04:20 +0000

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