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To: Irish Government

Stop Greyhound Exploitation in Ireland

We the people of Ireland have had enough Stop the 16.8 Million government funding to the IGB ( Irish Greyhound Board)
Ban Greyhound racing
Ban live Hare Coursing
Ban exporting greyhounds to countries with no animal welfare such as , China , Pakistan and Chile .

Why is this important?

The Irish government has given a quarter of a BILLION euro to the IGB since 2001 . 16.8 million a year to fund a non charity that encourages drinking and gambling , kills dogs and gives nothing to the community. The IGB cannot support itself as a business and uses OUR MONEY where it should be spent on health care , the homeless, cancer research and many more genuine causes. 6000 plus young Greyhounds are killed each year because they cannot run fast enough for commercial use .
Greyhounds are brutally killed with bolt gun in knackeries for as little as €8 or just shot and dumped in pits many found in mountain rural settings .
Hundreds of dogs are killed in stadiums where they fall and are killed if they even break a toe as it’s not economical to keep . Each race track has a freezer for the many murdered dogs .
Dogs are doped and young dogs often drop dead of a heart attack. Many heart attacks are caused by cocaine .
Ireland is one of only a few archaic countries that still allow Coursing with live hares . Thousands of hares are caught each year fenced in and chased by two greyhounds who even if muzzled throw the hare around ,pin it to the ground and get broken up themselves in the process .all this they call entertainment.
Ireland breeds 1000% more greyhounds than required for Ireland’s racing circuit to allow a large Poole if pups to choose from . Also approx 80%plus of all dogs raced on the UK are Irish such is our overbreeding .
Many greyhounds when they can no longer race are sent to barbaric countries where there is no animal laws and are sent to stud or to breed in horrific conditions where they could end up when that use runs out : cooked alive and eaten .
In Ireland Greyhounds are not even classified or run as a sport greyhound racing is under the ministry of agriculture and greyhounds are not classified as dogs but as “ Farm animal “ and are not seen as dogs but they are .

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