To: TD's. Taoiseach, Tainiste, County Councillors, Senatorw

Stop data centres being built.

Photo by Lars Kienle on Unsplash

That there is an immediate threat to Ireland's energy supply, i.e. electricity and water , as outlined by Eirgrid due to the usage of energy by these huge centres throughout Ireland. It is estimated that these centres will be using a third of our energy supplies in the next four or five years. But the threat is more urgent as Eirgrid has reported that it expects electricity supply cuts this Winter and are purchasing 6 generators to try and deal with this predicted surge in supply. Not only will our services given by hospitals, schools, businesses etc be affected but, more worrying, it will also impact on individuals relying on a steady electricity supply and that includes sick people who cannot survive with uninterrupted service and also the many thousands of workers operating from home. The implications of regular power outages will have a devastating impact on civil and private society and will deter any businesses other than the ever powerful digital industries from investing in this country. This happened in California's Silicon valley where there was a mass exodus due to the irregularity of their power supplies due to overusage and exploitation of resources which is why they relocated to Ireland and we are about to become the latest victim of this industries' power grab, literally.

Why is this important?

Because this affects EVERYBODY in Ireland, it is not something that happens to other people - it will impact all facets of business, enterprise, services and the private lives of individuals. Apart from the imminent and real danger to sick people living at home who require a regular, uninterrupted electricity supply and indeed to hospitals and care homes, just reflect on the effects of a power outage on electrical appliances and internet access. It will be too late to protest when the centres have been allowed to be built, most of which are absorbing energy without allowing any facility to use renewable energy supplies. It isn't just electricity supplies that will be affected, an inordinate amount of water is also required to keep these centre running efficiently. It is also important to note that these centres DO NOT employ many people. Many countries in Europe have put a moratorium on the building of these energy grabbing entities because they realise the devastating effect they have on national energy supplies.