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To: AIB CEO Colin Hunt

Keep AIB cash services in Waterford

People-power forced AIB to reverse their decision. AIB has said it has “decided not to proceed” with the proposed changes to its services that would have seen AIB Waterford no longer process cash.

Stop the rollback of cash services in AIB bank branches in Waterford including Ardkeen, Tramore and Lismore.

Why is this important?

This is impacting on older people's independence and creating barriers such as having to travel to other branches. There's a huge impact to older people as many are not online. This is a big ultimatum to older people and it's taking away their agency and choice to have face to face interaction and support for cash services. Many older people would have safety and security concerns and others use banks as opportunity for social interaction.

The bank is saying the post office is an alternative but in recent years many post offices have been closed in rural Ireland thus providing no choice now for customers in these areas with these bank service changes. Many post offices may not structurally have the capacity for large groups of people which may create large queues. This decision by AIB will also impact greatly on local businesses and communities in these areas.

Many older people have been loyal customers for decades and their money has helped pay for those branches and services. This is being very disrespectful to them by not having these services available to them anymore.

Many older people and people of all ages may have accessibility requirements around branches and travelling to them ie. sight impairments or/and physical disability.

It's really important to remember that the Irish tax payer bailed out this bank and others during the 2008 financial crash . We own over 60% stake in AIB and there has been arbitrarily no consultation with us about this.

I am calling on AIB Bank to reverse its decision to rollback cash services in AIB bank branches in Waterford (Ardkeen, Tramore and Lismore).

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Ardkeen, County Waterford, Ireland

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