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To: The Irish Government

Spend money on homes not weapons. Rescind PESCO

Spend money on homes not weapons. Rescind PESCO

Reverse the decision to sign-up to the Permanent European Security Co-Operation (PESCO). This agreement squanders billions of our budget on weaponry which could and should be spent on housing and health instead. PESCO ultimately leads to the creation of an EU army, running counter to Irish neutrality.

Why is this important?

PESCO was rushed through the Dail by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail in 2017 without enough attention or coverage.(1)

Under PESCO Ireland will increase its military spending which is currently approx. €1billion per year by up to as much as €6billion per year.(2)

Instead of weaponry these enormous financial resources could be constructively spent tackling the housing and health crises. (3)

The goal of the PESCO agreement is to integrate the armed forces of all the members and create an EU army. This runs completely counter to Ireland's peaceful role as a neutral state.

Ireland can and should leave PESCO.
RESCIND PESCO before it's too late.

More info: The People's Movement





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