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To: South Dublin County Council

Speed Ramps for Griffeen Glen Boulevard

Add a speed ramp at the entrance road to Griffeen Glen Boulevard

Why is this important?

There are a large number of young children who regularly play on the green area and roads in Griffeen Glen Boulevard. Although we have a 'Kill Your Speed, Not Our Children' sign on a lamppost as drivers enter the estate, unfortunately, we are constantly seeing drivers speeding through the entrance road and taking the left turn around the green at speed where young children are often playing.

We feel that the addition of a speed ramp in the first 30-50 yards of the entrance road to Griffeen Glen Boulevard, as drivers come in off the roundabout, would greatly reduce the risk of a serious injury and improve the safety of our children and the general quality of life for residents of the road.

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Griffeen Glen Blvd, Esker South, Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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