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To: Musgrave Group

Shift to compostable packaging

Stop using harmful plastic packaging in its 800 stores throughout Ireland and switch to compostable bioplastics and paper packaging, which is now easily available in Ireland.

Why is this important?

Plastic pollution is now choking the world's oceans, killing marine life and leaching toxic endocrine-disrupting chemicals into the food chain.

Despite this terrible truth, plastic production is set to quadruple by 2050 and plastic food packaging in our supermarkets is increasing.

In Ireland we generate 20 million tonnes of waste a year, the second highest of any developed country. This huge figure is, in part, due to the volume of packaging in our country's supermarkets.

Compostable bio-plastics made from plants have been easily and competitively available in Ireland for the past eight years and yet our supermarkets refuse to use them.

With a turnover of €4 billion a year, Musgraves, which runs SuperValu and Centra shops is the largest grocery distributor in Ireland. The company has publicly committed to drive sustainable sourcing and consumption. Therefore, it is the natural candidate to lead Irish consumers away from petro plastics to bio plastics.

We are calling on Musgraves to become leaders on this island nation and commit to phasing out its plastic packaging in favor of a compostable variety.


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