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To: Minister for Social Protection, Heather Humphreys

Scrap JobBridge 2.0

The Work Placement Experience Programme is really just a new JobBridge exploitation scheme. It should be scrapped, and replaced with investment in a green jobs programme, including properly paid apprenticeships

Why is this important?

Under the new Work Placement Experience Programme, bosses are able to get free labour, with workers only receiving €3.43 an hour paid by the taxpayer. Not only does this undermine wages and conditions for existing workers, it blocks the creation of actual paid jobs by incentivising companies to use free labour instead.

Instead of this exploitation, we need public investment in a green jobs programme, creating decent, secure jobs building carbon-neutral homes, providing healthcare and education and improving other public services. Such a programme should also involve expanding genuine paid apprenticeship schemes, and opening up education by making it free to all.


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