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To: NTA, All Cork City Councillors and TDs

Save the Douglas Road

The Douglas Road is a historic green neighbourhood, not a thoroughfare.

Why is this important?

Widening the Douglas Road will destroy the local environment, heritage and character of this historic Cork road forever. There are much cheaper, faster and greener ways to improve public and active transport than this proposal. It will not only reduce the quality of life for many residents in the area, but also for those who use the Douglas Road. When there is more congestion around Douglas Village and on the side roads (as the plan doesn't help parents who bring children to school in the area), we will wonder why we let it happen. There will be no going back once the mature trees and walls of architectural heritage are torn down. Destroying the road is not the solution - there are alternatives. Road reallocation, school bus services etc.
Please help us in our campaign to save the Douglas Road

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Cork, Ireland

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