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To: Dublin City Council

Save Donaghmede Library

Commit to retaining the public library at its current location in Donaghmede shopping centre.

Why is this important?

Dublin City Council have confirmed that they are actively considering moving Donaghmede Library out of Donaghmede Shopping Centre and potentially relocating it outside of Donaghmede altogether.

For over 30 years, Donaghmede Library has provided an essential resource to all age groups and backgrounds living in Donaghmede and in the wider community.

The community are very much opposed to this potential relocation.

It is essential that Dublin City Council commit to renewing their lease when it expires in June 2019.

Reasons for signing

  • Long story short: I ended up with an MSc in gamma-ray astronomy because my mother brought me to the local library when I was 11 and got to read books by Patrick Moore.
  • It's my nearest library and where I borrowed many books I couldn't find or couldn't afford buying. I'd hate to see it's doors closing down.
  • Experience teaches that expedient cost-saving ideas/ trophy institution projects rarely go according to plan and leave citizens in limbo with neither the old facility or the new project realised in full. What we have we should hold. Donaghmede Library should stay where we can access it easily in the Shopping Centre at the heart of our local community.


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