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To: Minister for Transport Shane Ross

Save Bus Éireann - Keep Public Transport Public!

Save Bus Éireann - Keep Public Transport Public!

Defend public transport. Defend workers' pay and conditions. Stop the attacks on Bus Éireann.

Why is this important?

Bus Éireann is your bus company - owned by the Irish people, it is under massive attack from government, private competitors and sections of the media.

Bus Éireann's current financial difficulties are the result of government policy which is being implemented by the National Transport Authority. Since 2011 the state subvention to Bus Éireann has been cut every year - last year it received just €34 million while Horse Racing Ireland received €60 million.

Unless the government reverses its present policy, 2,500 jobs in Bus Éireann will be lost, with devastating results for workers and their families along with the hundreds of thousands of people around the country who depend on Bus Éireann to provide their transport needs.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross will decide the future of your bus services. Let him know you want to ensure the survival of Bus Éireann and your local services. Let him know you support bus workers' rights and oppose cuts to pay and conditions.

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Reasons for signing

  • im a regular user of the service and find that even while they were being subjugated to timetable changes and differing working hours the drivers themselves still kept a brave and hospitable face
  • its not as if we dont have the evidence of what a privitized bus service looks like just look across the water to see for yourself,thatcher did it in the 80's the only difference here is the way its being done,by stealth!!,irish citizens need to support the busworkers and there public transport service...not market!!
  • to make sure people in rural areas keep access to public transport


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