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To: An Post

Save Ballymore Post Office

Save Ballymore Post Office

Retain An Post services to the rural village of Ballymore, Co.Westmeath.

Why is this important?

The Post Office service in Ballymore has been a hugely important hub of activity for many years and it continues to be a busy service.

"This is yet another service being slowly ripped away from rural Ireland, if we stand by and allow this to happen we will wake up one day and there won’t be a heart left in our rural communities,” said Cllr McCormack.

Ballymore, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

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2020-10-13 19:00:57 +0100

500 signatures reached

2020-10-06 21:04:46 +0100

Good evening everyone ;)
Thank you for taking the time to sign this petition we created on behalf of the village and its greater surrounding areas.
In the first hour of its creation, well in excess of 100 signatures have been gathered. Hopefully, we can keep the momentum going.
Having this evidence of local support can only be a good thing for those going forward to challenge An Post.
Can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your own contacts, who may side with us in a bid to save Ballymore Post Office.
Also, if you could help anyone, who may not be as confident or computer literate as yourself, to sign, that would be super too!
Big Thanks,
Nicola & Vinny

2020-10-06 20:33:26 +0100

100 signatures reached

2020-10-06 20:06:13 +0100

50 signatures reached

2020-10-06 19:55:43 +0100

25 signatures reached

2020-10-06 19:50:17 +0100

10 signatures reached