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To: AIB CEO Colin Hunt

Save AIB Kanturk Cash Services

People power forced a U turn!! AIB has reserved their plan to make branches cashless.

Save all services within Kanturk AIB and give a committment that the continued abandonment of our rural community will cease.

Why is this important?

Kanturk is a rural community already deprived of basic services. With below standard internet connectivity this decision by AIB, who claim that their decision is a response to digital usage, is a devastating blow to our rural community.

Our rural businesses will struggle as a direct result of the withdrawal of cash services from AIB, Kanturk. The removal of cash services will mean we will no longer have access to cash or cheque services at the counter OR through the machines inside the branch.

We are community already with limited garda availability and this decision by AIB raises serious security concerns for business and the public, particularly our elderly.

We can not allow the erosion of an already deprived area to continue.

Kanturk, County Cork, Ireland

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2022-07-22 14:12:49 +0100

As a result of people power, we have forced AIB to do a U turn on their appalling proposal.

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