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To: Health Service Executive

Return out of hours doctor service to Birr

Return out of hours doctor service to Birr

Return Midoc service to Birr, making out of hours doctors available to the population of south and west Offaly.

Why is this important?

People from the West and South Offaly area have to travel 45 minutes to Tullamore for access to a doctor outside of office hours. The MIDOC service offered out of hours doctors in Birr up to last year, when the service was suddenly withdrawn without warning or explanation.

County Offaly, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • It's very important to have one in birr and surrounding area
  • It is grossly unfair to expect I'll or wounded people to make their own way to Tullamore hospital. Birr Midoc is not a luxury service it is a necessity.
  • My stepfather would have died without this service being in Birr. Phoning someone to drive one to the A&E 45 minutes away is just not acceptable when every minute counts. It's not as though the residents of Birr and surrounding villages/towns have deliberately chosen to live far from emergency medical services, given the amount of people in this town.


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