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To: Members of Bray Town Council

Protect Bray's historical archives and artefacts

Members of Bray Town Council need to take action to preserve and protect the historical artefacts in the former Bray Heritage Cengre.

Why is this important?

The former heritage centre closed approximately a decade ago. Since then the building in front of the Royal Hotel on Bray Main Street has been occupied by small retailers and other businesses with a lot of the former archives and artefacts belonging to the old heritage still left behind in the building.

The historical archives and artefacts stored in the former Bray heritage centre/Bray design centre are being neglected.

Many items are left abandoned in the building with previous attempts to archive them, document them, preserve them forgotten. This is appalling. It is neglectful and disrespectful. It is effectively abandoning the valuable heritage of our town. Having previously contacted Bray Municipal District Council and Wicklow County Council Heritage Officer to highlight this issue I was sent an unsatisfactory response that when resources become available that the items will be documented.
Bray, Ireland

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