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To: Local Councilors and TDs

Remove Prayers at the Beginning of Local Authority Meetings

Remove Prayers at the Beginning of Local Authority Meetings

Ireland has become a vastly more multicultural nation than we were in 1932 when both robes were adopted in City and County Council meetings following the 31st International Eucharistic Congress. These robes as well as The Lord's Prayer are still utilised in meetings of local government today.

Recently a motion was put forward by Cllr Roche in Waterford Council to replace the prayer with a minute of silence and reflection to allow members to pray or now pray, according to their own beliefs.

This motion was voted down. Further information, including quotations from opposing sides of Council Members are available in this news article:

Why is this important?

Church and state should be separate, and given the appalling history that Ireland has when it comes to Church control of State affairs and institutions this should be evident.

This not only happens in Waterford County and County County but in the majority of Local Authorities around Ireland.


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