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To: Minister Joan Burton, Minister Simon Harris

Remove Anti-Homeless Devices from Gandon House

Advocate for the immediate removal of anti-homeless devices from the Department of Social Protection office building, Gandon House, on Amiens St

Why is this important?

The Department of Social Protection is meant to be responsible for fighting homelessness, not making conditions even more unbearable for rough sleepers in Dublin city centre.

The recent installation of anti-homeless devices at the Department office building on Amiens street is an unacceptable measure, described in the following terms by the Director of Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) Anthony Flynn:

"[From] the department that is supposed to look after our vulnerable people...This the most unsympathetic way of dealing with the homeless crisis, it's a 'not in my doorstep attitude' and we certainly condemn it."

Accountability, however, has been lacking in the responses of both the Department of Social Protection and the Office of Public Works, which apparently manages the building in conjunction with a private landlord.

But it's time for government to stop shirking responsibility. An Tánaiste Joan Burton is also Minister for Social Protection, and TD Simon Harris is Minister of State with special responsibility for the Office of Public Works. Let's call on them to take action against this appalling measure, and to advocate immediately for the removal of all anti-homeless devices from Gandon House.

Dublin, Ireland

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