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To: James Browne Minister of State for Law Reform

Reform Irish Laws on Pet Theft

On the 21st July 2020 James Browne TD made a statement on his Facebook page where it was stated his office was preparing legislation to make it a more serious offence to steal a companion pet.

Why is this important?

Nearly 4 years later there has been no movement on this.
After numerous email correspondences with the Department of Justice and James Browne’s office there has been no clear answers.
I now need the support of the public to get this legislation fast tracked.

In the words of Deputy James Browne 21st July 2020 -
“Currently the theft of a pet is treated by the law as the very same as stealing a deck chair.
Yet, the theft of a pet can have a devastating effect on its owners and their family.
This should be reflected in the sanction given out for such a theft.
Where the theft is of therapy or support dog there should be an even greater sanction.”

Dogs and other companion pets are still being stolen daily in Ireland.
The theft of a pet needs its own classification and adequate punishment.

How it will be delivered

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For Anyone outside Republic of Ireland who would like to sign please select option in Constituency box - “Not in Ireland”
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