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To: Charlie McConalogue, Minister for Agriculture, Food & the Marine, Pippa Hackett Minister for Biodiversity and Land Use and Martin Heydon, Minister w/responsibility for Research & Development, Farm Safety, & New Market Development.

Real Space for Nature on All Farms

We call on Ministers to ensure that Ireland's CAP Strategic Plan has
-a minimum of 5% space for nature on all farms with no productive elements
-the inclusion of semi-natural grasslands, wetlands, ponds and
-Increase ambition to 10% in ecoschemes with a clear focus on farmer's improving quality of habitats with the support of good ecological advice.
-an ambitious targeted Pillar 2 agri-environment scheme which addresses farmland bird wipe out

Why is this important?

Farmland birds are disappearing. We're losing our bees, plants, beautiful wildflowers. Agriculture intensification is wiping them out. Ensuring that Ireland's Common Agriculture Policy Strategic Plan does the minimum for biodiversity is critical to save them. We're running out of time to save wildlife. Please sign.

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