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To: Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly TD

Pay student nurses and midwives!

Pay student nurses and midwives!

We are calling on the Minister for Health to end the exploitation of student nurses and midwives. He should:

1. Pay all final-year interns the same rate as healthcare assistants

2. Increase and expand the clinical placement allowance for all other students

3. Provide full health and safety protection to all students, including payment if they have to go on COVID-related leave

Why is this important?

Student nurses and midwives have been doing incredible work during the pandemic, but it's gone unpaid.

They face the same COVID risks as any other healthcare worker and the same bills, but get nothing for their work.

Worse, many have had to give up their weekend jobs due to the risk of cross-infection, meaning no income to cover fees, rent, transport or other bills.

They are the future of nursing and midwifery in Ireland and need to be supported.


Reasons for signing

  • Even before Covid 19, Thousands of student nurses and midwives worked without pay on the front-line of our understaffed, over-stretched health services. Now in the midst of a pandemic, we are relying on them more than ever to hold our health services together. They are not slaves, they are working for all of us and they must be paid and treated with the respect they deserve. End the exploitation. Pay our student nurses and midwives or all the applause for our front-line heroes means nothing.
  • The nurses are our carers during our worst moments. Shouldn’t they be appreciated and recognised accordingly for it?
  • They are not like other students who can work in the college and after lectures during term time and college holidays so need to be paid while training. The UK has an apprentice type scheme fro nurse training could be looked at.


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