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To: Office of Public Works

Give us the summer: no more traffic through Phoenix Park!

We want to stop all private motor traffic going through the Phoenix Park.

Why is this important?

The Phoenix Park is a destination - not a shortcut! The past weeks have shown just how important the park is - and how much better it is without heavy car traffic. It's calmer, quieter, safer and cleaner. Fewer cars have meant more people.

We want to see an end to motorised through traffic. This would still allow motor access to park facilities and institutions, but would end the use of the park as a road to get from one side to the other. This could be achieved easily with bollards or rule changes, while ensuring that people can still access the park - regardless of age or ability.

It's time to make the park for the people who want to use it - not just those looking for a shortcut! This measure could be trialled throughout to the end of summer, at least until schools reopen.

This petition is supported by Dublin Green Party representatives including (among others!)
Neasa Hourigan TD,
Cllr. Darcy Lonergan,
Cllr. Janet Horner,
Cllr. Michael Pidgeon,
Cllr. Claire Byrne,
Cllr. Hazel Chu,
Cllr. Donna Cooney,
Cllr. Lawrence Hemmings,
Cllr. Carolyn Moore,
Cllr. Caroline Conroy,
Ciarán Cuffe MEP
Patrick Costello TD
8 Phoenix Park Way, Ashtown, Dublin, Ireland

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