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To: Limerick City and County Council

Newport Road Public Footpath & Lighting

Install a public footpath + lighting on dangerous stretch of Newport Road

Why is this important?

Please help our 40-YEAR campaign to get a short footpath laid between two estates Grangewood and Rich Hill Woods on a very dangerous road, which has only become busier with trucks and fast moving traffic.

Local resident JJ Ryan has been campaigning to get a footpath built for years. “This is an extremely dangerous stretch of road. There’s no lighting and no footpath between the two estates.

“Pedestrians, the elderly, and schoolchildren getting on and off the local bus or cycling to school have to scramble up a very steep bank to get out of the way of traffic.”

Mr Ryan, whose son was struck by the wing mirror of a passing car last year and suffered a broken arm, said that “there have been scores of near misses and accidents involving cars and pedestrians. It’s only a matter of time before someone is killed. Do we really have to wait for that to happen before something is done?”

If you are a local resident, or would like to support local residents, please consider signing our petition to have a footpath built to ensure the safety of the residents. We are stronger together, and together we can ensure the safety of everyone in our community. This affects more than 200 local residents at least. Please reach out to anyone you know who can support us.

How it will be delivered

Please reach out to your local TDs and public representatives to demand action on this local public safety issue

Limerick, Ireland

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