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To: Dublin City Council

New Development Plan for Clongriffin and Belmayne

We, the residents of Clongriffin and Belmayne, are requesting that Dublin City Council develop a new Local Area Plan in partnership with the local residents.

Why is this important?

The existing development plan, due to expire in 2022, was originally written in 2012 and renewed for five years in 2017. Being nearly a decade old, it does not account for the many societal changes brought about by the Covid Pandemic and the changes that will be required to address the Climate Emergency. It also does not take into account the views and aspirations of the residents of Clongriffin and Belmayne.

While many of the residential properties outlined in the local area plan have been delivered the area remains bereft of amenities and has infrastructure issues that the current local area plan will not solve.

Some of these issues include, but are not limited to:

A lack of local amenities, including shops, cafes, restaurants, and gyms. Existing buildings designed for these amenities, including the centre piece shopping centre, have remained empty for a decade. In addition, many of these existing premises offer only indoor space, and areas yet to be built are zoned for indoor only spaces.

A lack of security, currently the nearest Garda Station is in Coolock, at least a 15 minute drive from the area.

Sewage capacity concerns, with working from home and the expected increase in population there are concerns that the planned for waste water capacity is insufficient.

Lack of childcare and education (both primary & secondary schools).

Lack of quality cycle lanes and safe cycling environments.

The development lands in Clongriffin have recently been put up for sale by the current owners, Gannon, and we feel this presents a perfect opportunity for the council to work with local residents to develop a new plan for the area.
Clongriffin, Dublin, Ireland

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