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To: MetroLink

Name The Phibsborough/Glasnevin Metro Stop After The Brian Boru Pub

Please sign our petition to have the Glasnevin/Phibsborough metro station named after The Brian Boru Pub.

Why is this important?

The Brian Boru Pub has been situated on the banks of the Royal Canal and has traded as a public house for over a decade. Such is its place in the collective consciousness of Dubliners, it has featured in the prominent works of James Joyce (Ulysses) and James Plunkett (Strumpet City).

The pub is to be replaced with a station on Metro North and we believe that the calls, heretofore, for the new Metro Station to be named in accordance with the pub are entirely apt.

Please sign so that we can afford our built heritage the respect it duly deserves.

How it will be delivered

Via Email

Dublin, Ireland

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