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To: All Government Agencies

Mogeely Interim Flood Relief

Photo by Jonathan Ford on Unsplash

While we wholeheartedly appreciate Cork County Councils attempts to respond to the scale of the problem for all of East Cork, we feel we can as a community assist in the solution for our area.
There is currently a culvert under the Kileagh Road which becomes overwhelmed from water entering it from the woods on higher ground.
The proposal is to hold any overflow of water at the lowest point of the land until levels drop in the stream across the road. As soon as the levels drop, it is proposed to release the water under the road in a direct line to join the Dower River which disappears into the cave systems and does not affect any other area downstream.
The landowner has the equipment and expertise to complete this body of work and would only require your approval. This would ensure the safety of the wider community in Mogeely during heavy rainfall periods and not just Gleann Fia estate.

Why is this important?

This interim flood relief scheme will allow us to sleep at night and not worry about waking up to waist-height contaminated water and having to carry our babies out to safety again. The residents of Gleann Fia are continuing to live this nightmare every time it rains.

Mogeely, Co. Cork, Ireland

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