To: Government of Ireland

Make Schools Safe in Ireland

Make Schools Safe in Ireland, so that children can safely be in school and staff can too.

Why is this important?

Schools in Ireland are not safe for children or staff.
The only safety measures in primary schools are hand sanitiser and open the window.
The children and staff are absolutely freezing, but the windows must stay open to try to ventilate the overcrowded classrooms. We need HEPA filtration.
Government must put safety measures into schools to keep everyone safe from airborne COVID.
We need:
· Proper contact tracing for schools - pupils and staff
· Close contacts referred for PCR test, not Antigen tests
· Masks for everyone, who can wear one
· HEPA air filtration installed in every school room
· Reduced numbers in classrooms, to allow for social distancing
Teachers, Principals, SNAs and Parents want safe schools for children in Ireland.
Please sign to show your support and ask your friends to sign too.
Thank you.


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