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To: Minister for Education, Peter Weir MLA, Minister for Education, Peter Weir MLA

Fix the A-Levels Fiasco

Use the grades submitted by teachers for the A-Level results.

Why is this important?

37% of A-Level students in NI have had their grades lowered, because of the 'standardisation' process put in place by CCEA.

The Minister is feeling the pressure. Today (17th August) he announced that teachers grades would be used for the GCSE results. The Assembly has been recalled.

Decisions are being made now by universities that will have huge repercussions for the lives and futures of students. Leaving it to the appeals process is not enough. Pupils in England, Scotland and Wales, have been guaranteed results no lower than their AS grades, or had their 'moderated' grades scrapped. Action must be taken now to fix the A-Levels Fiasco.

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Northern Ireland, UK

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