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To: Dublin City Council

Make Camden Street & Camden Row a safe pedestrian crossing

We want a safe pedestrian crossing at the junction of Camden Street, Camden Row and Montague Street.

Why is this important?

We have serious concerns about the safety of this junction as there is no traffic light system to enable safe crossing for pedestrians.

This junction connects one of the most densely populated residential areas in the country with one of the busiest commercial and business districts in the country, yet there is no pedestrian crossing. There is a constant stream of people crossing in both directions around the clock, and the lack of pedestrian infrastructure makes it incredibly hazardous. The junction is currently prioritising only cars.

Our community crosses the junction without the aid of a traffic light, which is unsafe and the act of crossing it every day is nerve-wracking and unpleasant - particularly for young children, for people with limited mobility, and for the elderly.

We have witnessed too many near misses and accidents on this stretch of road, the latest, tragically, involved a fatality. This is a safety emergency that can no longer be ignored and requires immediate action.

Camden Street Lower, Saint Kevin's, Dublin, Ireland

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