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To: An Post

Maintain Post Office Services in Tipperary Town Centre

In the event of Tipperary town Post Office transferring from the control of An Post to a contractor or postmaster, the current level of front desk services must be retained.
In addition, all services must be located in the centre of Tipperary town in the event that services are relocated from the post office’s current location.

Why is this important?

The Grant Thornton Report on the Post Office Network stated that the withdrawal of a post office from an area has a significant impact on the remaining businesses due to the impact on local footfall.
In light of the fact that a taskforce has been assigned to Tipperary town to assist it in developing employment and educational opportunities, developing its infrastructure, tackling dereliction, and putting unused buildings to use, any efforts to take the post office out of the town centre would be in stark contrast to what Tipperary town needs.
Tipperary town also has demographics that mean more people depend on services like those currently provided by An Post, and therefore need easily accessible services.
Anything but a town centre location cannot be accepted, and the people of Tipperary town need assurances that its post office will remain in the town centre.

Tipperary, Ireland

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