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To: Leo Varadkar - Taoiseach

Women Should Not Be Locked Up Because They Want An Abortion

Women Should Not Be Locked Up Because They Want An Abortion

A young pregnant girl was incarcerated under the Mental Health Act because she wanted an abortion. Government needs to guarantee that this Act is not misused by psychiatric professionals and to make sure that the referendum on the eighth amendment offers real choice to the Irish public.

Why is this important?

The misuse of the mental health act as a means to deny women and young girls the medical care they need is not acceptable.

It's time for real choice, it's time for a referendum on the eighth amendment that offers real choice to the Irish public.

Reasons for signing

  • The criminalisation of women just for having wombs in this country is absolutely vile, and this case concerning a GIRL is vulgar, it's primitive, it's despicable, it's disgusting, I can't contain my rage.
  • Our laws are like living in the dark ages when it comes to abortion and I want to think that my own young daughter will have the choice and option to make her own decisions over her own body- not some psychiatrist who knows nothing about her but has a pro-life agenda of his/her own.
  • It's beyond grotesque that the Irish government not only let this happen but actively worked towards it with obscene legislation in response to the 30 year old X human rights abuse they caused. The 8th has to go. All of it.


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