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To: Minister for Justice Ireland Flanagan

Keep Tralee Court Services in Ashe Street

Keep Tralee Court Services in Ashe Street

Keep court services in Ashe Street to keep business in Tralee town centre.

Why is this important?

Tralee has a grand purpose-built courthouse in Ashe Street.

Moving the courthouse out of its Ashe Street site will not help to keep businesses in town.

The Denny site should be used to enhance our town.

Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland

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Reasons for signing

  • I think the courthouse should stay where it is and just spend money renovating it
  • Court services should stay where they are
  • Some questions to ask... What will happen to the existing court building? (sit idle and unproductive for years?) Will the state eventually end up paying to get the modernisation work done? Will moving the courthouse cost far more than planned or expected? If some more rooms are needed, is there any vacant building space within a short walk of the existing court house?


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